Baby B’s Pirate Ship Cake

Last month, it was Baby B’s 2nd birthday! Woohoo! She already can talk, walk and do many things independently without having to supervise too much. The only problem is the obsession of George from Peppa Pig and chocolate cakes, and sweets in general… She’s got Mr Picky’s obsession with sweets… Uh oh!
Not going to share too many pictures from her birthday party (we were fairly organised this year… going to have to be organised from summer time next year!!) but I must share the birthday cake made by her uncle (one of Mr Picky’s brothers, I shall call him Mr Cake – he’s really good at creating and designing them). Baby B loves him loads. I can’t beat their love! LOL. Very special bonding between them. ^_^

Mr Cake made this gigantic pirate ship cake… Every part, apart from George, the Lego and flag parts were all edible… I have no idea how he designed them. Ideas must flow in his head, like I do with my 3D Origami and other creative works. Heheheheh.

It was all amazing! Very tasty too… Not too sweet. And thankfully it was soft icing… Yummy! Chocolate cake! Many have said Mr Cake should go on that baking programme… Well that’s up to him I guess… 🙂

Here’s a covered up pic of Baby B… Getting cheeky now… She snuck her cousin’s dummy on. Tut tut.

And Miss Pinky with Baby B… She was stressed out the night before. For real. We were doing last minute preparations – still trying to catch up on my sleep!

So Happy Birthday Baby B (a few weeks ago)… Hoping for many more good times. I just hope her uncles don’t turn her into a mega tomboy with all the “gender neutral” toys. :p

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