The New ยฃ10 Plastic Note

I’m encouraging myself to write more! Even if it’s meanlingless to the rest of the world…! ๐Ÿ˜… (And Blogger has the Emoji icon… at last!).
So we’ve had the plastic ยฃ5 note, and now it’s the ยฃ10 note.

The main difference is obviously having Jane Austen at the back… It’s been the talk on the news a while back… There’s also another difference in comparison to the ยฃ5 note, there’s like for visible and feelable dots where the ยฃ10 sign is. Hmmm, wonder what that part is for.

My purse feels a lot more lighter with these plastic notes!

No exact date has been mentioned on when the old ยฃ10 note expires – likely March or April!