Macbeth (Ninagwa Company) in Japanese @ The Barbican

Whilst I watching a drama (a Japanese one), this advert popped up about Macbeth in Japanese. Thought this might be exciting! I’ve seen the play in English and Cantonese, so why not see it in Japanese. 😅
I know the story inside and out now, I remember all the parts, but this time I felt at a loss… 
I’m becoming to understand basic Japanese. It’s improving for sure! But ancient Japanese dialogue is incomprehensible for me. 😐
Love the costumes, the set, and the three witches all played by men! 😆 Lady Macbeth had a lot of dialogue too which I forgot about… Anyway a good play, although the theatre was quite warm (and has a very confusing layout), which meant I felt a little sleepy trying to read the captions and watch the actors/actresses act, (someone did offer me a seat towards the centre in the upper circle but I declined)… Easy escape from where I was sitting!

One reason why I also wanted to go to the Barbican was to see one of Banksy’s latest piece in collaboration with Jean-Michel Basquiat who has some artwork displayed at the Barbican… There was one opposite this piece, but might take a pic of that another time… 😊 Need to find some time to go!

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