Panadeira (Bakery) – London Walworth Road

Apart from experiencing the Spanish bakeries in Spain, thought I might as well try out this Spanish bakery on the Walworth Road (there’s a couple I think in Elephant and Castle – near the train station entrance). It’s been around for more than 6 months!
So this bakery replaced what was the bridal shop which is now next door, it was then converted into a shop for a fairly short while (guess that didn’t work out) then now this Panadeira (Bakery). 😀 
I was out with MummyGeek, but had already a big bowl of beef brisket noodles and a plate of veggies to go with it… since I was passing, I thought I might as well top up with some Spanish goodies. 😋

I bought three items which I found interesting…

First was this beef ball. Wow it’s massive! Looks crispy on the outside… but what’s inside?

It was this amazing mix of salty beef, cheese and I think there were a few veggies… It was actually too salty and so I had to get a bit of ketchup to suit my palate. A bit oily but nice. I would go for it again!

Next was this corn bread… I thought it would be mega sweet, but it wasn’t. Tasted grainy. It had some sweetcorn pieces. Not sure what to think of this one really… I think I will need another go at this…

And lastly, which I took to work in the end the next day, is this hot dog bun… When cold the bread tasted slightly sweet and tough. So I don’t recommend eating this cold. It dried my throat badly… I placed this in the microwave for 30 seconds, and it actually tastes better when warm. Make sure you this one as a warm bread!

Overall a good experience! Total spent was £6 if I remember correctly…

Lots of Spanish speaking peeps were there on that Sunday I went… Wow. 
Definitely not a big competition to the other bakeries as this one is quite unique. 
The other bakeries on Walworth Road shouldn’t be too alarmed with this newish entry. ^_^

Address: 201 Walworth Road London SE17 1RL

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