Takoyaki Korean Crackers

Also bought these from Centrepoint for £1.99!! I’ve never tasted takoyaki flavoured crackers before…

They’re actually puffs! Like cheese puffs! They actually taste quite sweet but has a barbeque taste to it – Think it might be the brown sauce they serve…okonomiyaki sauce… Unfortunately it has an artificial sweetener aftertaste which loses its appeal to the eater. 

Yummy and addictive! But the aftertaste is a bit off putting!

Samyang Hot Chicken Flavoured Almonds

Very short post!

Bought these in Centrepoint (Korean supermarket) for £1.39. Thought it would be interesting on how these would taste as I really love their fiery Hot Chicken flavour… Looks like a lot of people took the challenge to eat their noodles, and it seems a lot of people have become addicted to them… I’ve limited the amounts of times I eat their noodles, and always add mayo and cheese to it!

It’s a small packet of almonds, even from the first almond I felt a fiery heat building…

Probably nice to eat when watching some dramas with a beer… ^_^

Kit Kat Chunky – New York Cheesecake Flavour

Back to the normal Kit Kat Chunky in the UK! 
I think the New York Cheesecake flavour has been out for a while, I just haven’t had the time to find it, sit down, take pictures and eat it… ^_^

Ah I love Kit Kat Chunkies!! I think this was probably the best move Nestlé had ever made for us chococlate and biscuit lovers.
I could really taste that New York Cheesecake flavour, which in a normal New York Cheesecake it would be filled with heavily creamed cheese and has a slightly saltier taste. This Kit Kat takes on that challenge, and adding the normal chocolate and wafer biscuit to support the flavour… I think it blends quite well together… 

Think I will need to buy a few of these! Wish Nestlé could sell these in packets of 4!! 😋

Japanese Kit Kat – Mainichi no Zeitaku (Luxury Days), Cranberry and Almond flavour

Another interesting Japanese Kit Kat flavour, also bought from Japan directly via eBay for a better price without shipping fees… I was quite curious why this was called a Luxury Days sort of Kit Kat…

There are only six in this packet. Such a shame to only have very, very small pieces for this packet! Quite disappointed.

This is a very different compared to all the Japanese Kit Kat and the normal ones in the UK. It’s like a nougat from Belgium, France and Germany. Lots of almonds and cranberry pieces fill the top instead of having their traditional logo name stamped on top of the piece of chocolate. Here they have used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It doesn’t have too much bitterness, so I would say less than <50% dark chocolate. It's not too sweet and probably good for my teeth!

The main disappointment is that it was only a single piece… and very expensive!

I can see why this was called a Luxury Days Kit Kat… Very extravagant!

Japanese Kit Kat – Momiji Manju Flavour

Putting a hold on Christmas adverts for the moment – they’ll be back in the next week or two!

I’m now almost up-to-date with all my blog posts! THANK YOU for bearing with me this year. Exams and life events controlled me, therefore a lazy blogging geek exists. 😇

The next few posts will be on snack foods, and this post will be part 1 of two posts on some newish Japanese Kit Kats I’ve bought on eBay.
Saw these flavours in Japan Centre, but I find them awfully expensive – because of damned shipping fees I bet! Well it was actually a little cheaper on eBay (almost half the price with no shipping fee), so I did some eBay shopping from Japan. 😛 The best way to spend and save some money!

Box of 5 Japanese Kit Kats. Quite a big box for the small amounts of chocolate inside.

This was surprisingly in a slightly different Kit Kat compared normal Kit Kats. It has a cute Japanese maple leaf on one side. They’ve covered part of the gap where the Kit Kat pieces are normally split for it to easily to break apart. 😙 Really couldn’t wait to taste this!

I have no idea what the flavour of Momiji Manju is, but looking it up, it’s supposed to be a steamed bun made with buckwheat or wheat, eggs, sugar and honey, then filled with jam… Interesting… But very, very sweet. Even my back teeth were kind of noticing the extra sugar!

An interesting buy, wouldn’t really get it again as this was far too sweet with the milk chocolate and all the other ingredients…

Vodafone UK Christmas Adverts 2017 – "Love Story"

Have Vodafone upgraded themselves in the advertising world?
Here we see Martin Freeman in a several part Love Story. The adverts are quite cheesy, but by the time you reach to Part 3, you really want to know what happens next. It becomes a cliffhanger like those Korean dramas… what happens next. I won’t give spoilers for these adverts, just watch and see…

Part 1: Love on the Platform

Link: https://youtu.be/hoOIb0PeIvQ

Part 2: The First Call

Part 3: Doubt

Part 4: Idiot

Link: https://youtu.be/NWbMeGitE_A

Part 5: Beach Reunion

Link: https://youtu.be/4WPdty5MBrg

I’ve watched a few Japanese mobile phone adverts, and I think Vodafone have probably taken some advice from a Japanese company… 😅😅😅
A good effort… Not sure about the ending though with Christmas being on a beach… These “posh” people… 

Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2017 – #everybitofchristmas

Argh, stop with the negative comments on this one. At least Sainsbury’s considered the public to join in a sing-a-long for Christmas this year.
But here’s my personal question to the companies out there, do you all get together (I mean all the advertising companies across the world), see which ideas are the best, then take it to another level, and then start copying each other’s ideas to see who will get the better ratings? 😖
Sainsbury’s and Waitrose obviously have the same marketing and advertising teams. Their ads are in black and white! Although in my geeky heart, the Sainsbury’s ad wins for their effort of bringing different ethnic minorities and a sing-a-long with it! It’s even subtitled! 😊

Link: https://youtu.be/WU50dLLy7Cw

No matter what people say about this ad, I love it compared to all the most expensive ads made this Christmas…

Waitrose Christmas Advert 2017 – "ChristmasTogether"


A Geeky Sigh… We’ve gone back in time to the dark ages of black and white TV. Grimace. I do like black and white films, but come on!
Waitrose have opted to go with the black and white theme of people getting stuck in a pub. Oh no, they’ve been snowed in! 😒 The electricity goes out and they’re all left in the dark… What else is there to do? Cook, make a dinner whilst waiting for rescue… As they cook, and are almost ready to eat, there are two shovellers who rescue them. Now that the people stuck in the pub are saved, do they eat or not eat??? 😑

Link: https://youtu.be/DJZbo5ohVGs

I did love the concept, but think they could’ve changed this back into colour towards the end… Or when they started cooking… People are more inclined to colour and will shop more if they see what the products look like before deciding to buy. A psychological act to get you to go to Waitrose and find out for yourself. 😛😛😛

Toys R Us Christmas Advert 2017 – "Geoffrey the Part Time Reindeer"

LOL!! This might be the Christmas advert I’m looking for!! 
Compared to last year, Toys R Us have changed their theme. 
This year we have an animated advert. Santa enters Toys R Us, buys all of his toys, comes out of the store and finds all of his reindeers have gone. Where have they got to? They’re playing in the store, having fun with the toys… In the end Geoffrey the Giraffe ends up being a “reindeer” for the evening… Hilarious!

Link: https://youtu.be/B72y_OByf_4

Not a bad advert! Funny!

ASDA Christmas Advert 2017 – "Best Christmas Ever"

ASDA almost made it into my good books…

Here we have a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory theme. A girl and her grandfather find themselves trespassing into a Christmas factory, they look around at all the wonderful technologies and see how things are made… Soon the security guard comes along with the girl’s bag (why did she even put it down in the first place?!)… The guard isn’t angry at them but takes them around the factory…

Link: https://youtu.be/Rd9wKCy1pAE

What a shame, I thought this ad had a good start but ended up being quite boring… Think they could have thought of a better ending…