The Juice Pharm – London Browning Street (Walworth Road)

Ah. Surprisingly there’s a new hidden cafe opened for about 2 months on a side street of Walworth Road. It wouldn’t catch your eyes unless you live or walk around the area… Easily missed if you were on the bus too… I spotted this as I was heading towards New Kent Road via the back streets. 
The original cafe, The Juice Pharm, is in St Albans (the area I got off to get to Whipsnade Zoo)… I think the owners have chosen a GREAT location for someone to try and blog about this place. 😅
The shop that was there before was once a hair salon (before that I don’t know what it was), which somehow turned into a sun-tanning shop, then into this cafe. Think I’ve lived in this area for too long… 

It’s quite a small cafe with 2-3 tables and then there’s a couple of benched tables along the front window and wall. Fairly cosy.

I randomly chose 2 items… Was actually quite tired from visiting Miss Pinky and Mr Picky from the night before, and woke up early to do some shopping…
The items came quick! Very happy with service even though there was only two people and a few more customers came in.
Chose the Choco Fix (£4.95), which has contains raw cacao, banana, dates, maca and almond milk. It’s not overly sweet like those supermarket, manufactured smoothies. There is a light chocolate taste to it from the raw caocao. I could taste some sour banana, some chunky bits of dates, have no idea what maca (powder) is so I have no idea if I had tasted that. And of course they used almond milk which enhances the chocolatey flavour I’m guessing… 😋

Next is this delicious Smoked Avo with sourdough bread (£6.75). I thought the bread would be hard and crusty, but nope it was soft and I could easily bite into it. The avocado spread was smooth (no wonder there’s going to be an outage of avocado 😅). The smoked salmon was ok. And I liked the additional oily part of it. The chilli flakes gave it all an extra kick… Really, really tasty. Mouth melting for more!!! 😋😋😋

That Saturday evening was very beautiful… This picture doesn’t show it well.

Total price came to £11.70 (found the receipt!). Very expensive! I think Louis Louis might have some competition with the vegan side of things. 😆

My geeky rating: 4.9/5 (just too expensive, but so worth trying!)

Good points:
– Polite service
– Speedy with the smoothies and food
– Cosy small cafe
Bad points:
– Fairly on the expensive side
Address: York Mansions, 1A, Browning St, London SE17 1LP (not opened on Sundays)

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