LIDL Christmas Adverts 2017

LOL!! 😂

LIDL has made me laugh at their adverts! The narrator has that unique touch of being humorous.

Double Dipper

I’m a defo a Double Dipper, I must have more sauce as I eat along. MummyGeek hates me when I do that, so I avoid double dipping in front of her. I can understand party hosts/hostesses frustrations when it comes to this… We’re people who just like a bit of flavour! The advert here expresses that uncertainty of germs from ones mouth to the dip. 😬 The hostesses expression is very understandable!!


Mince Pie Maverick

I’ve never met a person who likes mince pies, but if the person was like this, then I would think there was something wrong with him/her. 😆 Would you eat mince pies from morning to night? Hm, depends on the filling I guess, and how the pastry was made… and maybe not too sweet…


Cavalier Carvers

We’ve gone from Double Dipper to a Mince Pie Maverick, and now we’ve reached the relatives of the round table… The turkey is out and we have a cavalier carver ready to carve the meat. 😋 Let’s hope LIDL’s turkeys are really tasty to eat! 


I definitely enjoyed the first two adverts. LIDL never loses their touch with their short and understandable Christmas adverts. Looks cost effective and not over the top! Thumbs up. (^_^)b

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