Marks and Spencer Christmas Advert 2017 – "Paddington and The Christmas Visitor"

😕 Meh. I love M&S but this advert is just meh. It did not lift one smile at the beginning, middle or end… I like last year’s advert, which was much more impressive…
Bring back the salivating food adverts… How many times about whinged about? 😏 My growing fondness of Christmas adverts is wearing already.

Paddington Bear is probably not one my favourite characters of all time. Here he’s just fake Santa’s little helper. Well Paddington Bear made the mistake of thinking he was Santa (the guy was actually stealing all the presents from other people’s homes…), and Paddington Bear just happened to be the helper of the night returning the presents back.


I can’t understand what all the hype and fuss was about when the media was reporting that fake Santa swore at Paddington Bear. I’ve listened to it a couple of times, but I can’t hear the f*** word. You have bizarre hearing peeps! It was a muffled thanks with a slight northern accent.
Apart from the fuss, I think the music was ok (good choice in mood changes)… but the advert itself was plain meh.
#LoveTheBear !!

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