John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017 – #MozTheMonster

It’s only been out for one day and already there’s a big hype of this Christmas advert from John Lewis! Oh dear! 
I’m afraid I’m on the negative side of this advert. Sad music. Sad story line (but happy in the end). Isn’t it just like their previous adverts… Monty The Penguin, The Long Wait, The Journey… and so on… All sad. Isn’t Christmas supposed to be a celebration? I don’t get it! 😕
Well, here we see a little boy trying to get to sleep but is disturbed by something underneath the bed. Moz The Monster. He seems to snore too much, and the little boy can’t get to sleep because of the excessive loud snoring! But then he becomes with the monster, and they start playing late night. Eventually the boy becomes to tired during the day… Poor boy… Moz The Monster realises this and ends up giving the boy a present and disappears in the end. Peace at last! Or is it?!


After you watch it a few times, you wonder how much have John Lewis spent again on the animation (that’s what I always think when I watch their ads). The advert just reminds me of the animation film, Monsters Inc. Hmmm. 😞
Depressing (music) but a loving ad although nearly the same to all their Christmas ads. 😩