House of Fraser Christmas Advert 2017 – "Bring Back Merry"

Looks like I’m going to be blogging for a month about Christmas adverts! 😱
Miss Vegan from work suddenly said, am I blogging about Christmas adverts this year… LOL. So I said yes. Then she mentioned about House of Fraser. She was about to tell me the story line but stopped her. Don’t spoil it for me! 

The concept is nothing new for a typical Christmas advert. I think Tesco did something similar in the past. A past and present concept. We see two sisters here of their past and present selves of how Christmas was spent in their household. Now that they’ve grown up, they’ve learnt to go out and party. The older seems a bit more serious than the younger full of life sister. Looks like the younger one got away with most things! Hah! 


Different to their past adverts, not too bad (better than John Lewis for sure!!). 

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