Tesco Christmas Advert 2017 – "Turkey, Every Which Way" #EveryonesWelcome

Think I can understand why lots were a bit hyped on this one. My thoughts below. 😯
Turkey! Why must we eat turkey at Christmas? It becomes dry whilst roasting it. Can’t people choose something else to eat? Tesco have chosen to film several different types of families roasting a turkey or just getting together for the festive season. The turkey is always the topic of a family feud it seems. How long one must bake a turkey, depending on the size – one to two hours, possibly longer. Just remember to defrost it, clean it, season it, constantly turning it in the oven… And also choose the right size for your oven!!!

Link: https://youtu.be/qSUkAURUU1I

For one thing I’m sure about are Muslims (also Sikhs and Asians… seems to be no Chinese in the ad) don’t really celebrate Christmas, like Buddhists and Christians don’t celebrate Eid. I have many Muslim friends but they would still respect this tradition as they’re in the Western world and it’s mainly for their kids and friends. As I’ve grown up, and as a Chinese person, I’ve grown out of the Christmas theme at home but still celebrate the festivity with friends…

Other controversial topic on the many centuries is a gay couple in the advert. I think the Christian nation is offended. Why be? For many centuries gay people have existed. Think of the Roman times! 

I wonder if anyone has roasted turkey like a Chinese roast duck before… Interesting…
Quite offended by there being no Chinese in the ad. Joke! 😅