Waitrose Christmas Advert 2017 – "ChristmasTogether"


A Geeky Sigh… We’ve gone back in time to the dark ages of black and white TV. Grimace. I do like black and white films, but come on!
Waitrose have opted to go with the black and white theme of people getting stuck in a pub. Oh no, they’ve been snowed in! 😒 The electricity goes out and they’re all left in the dark… What else is there to do? Cook, make a dinner whilst waiting for rescue… As they cook, and are almost ready to eat, there are two shovellers who rescue them. Now that the people stuck in the pub are saved, do they eat or not eat??? 😑

Link: https://youtu.be/DJZbo5ohVGs

I did love the concept, but think they could’ve changed this back into colour towards the end… Or when they started cooking… People are more inclined to colour and will shop more if they see what the products look like before deciding to buy. A psychological act to get you to go to Waitrose and find out for yourself. 😛😛😛