Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2017 – #everybitofchristmas

Argh, stop with the negative comments on this one. At least Sainsbury’s considered the public to join in a sing-a-long for Christmas this year.
But here’s my personal question to the companies out there, do you all get together (I mean all the advertising companies across the world), see which ideas are the best, then take it to another level, and then start copying each other’s ideas to see who will get the better ratings? 😖
Sainsbury’s and Waitrose obviously have the same marketing and advertising teams. Their ads are in black and white! Although in my geeky heart, the Sainsbury’s ad wins for their effort of bringing different ethnic minorities and a sing-a-long with it! It’s even subtitled! 😊


No matter what people say about this ad, I love it compared to all the most expensive ads made this Christmas…