Japanese Kit Kat – Momiji Manju Flavour

Putting a hold on Christmas adverts for the moment – they’ll be back in the next week or two!

I’m now almost up-to-date with all my blog posts! THANK YOU for bearing with me this year. Exams and life events controlled me, therefore a lazy blogging geek exists. 😇

The next few posts will be on snack foods, and this post will be part 1 of two posts on some newish Japanese Kit Kats I’ve bought on eBay.
Saw these flavours in Japan Centre, but I find them awfully expensive – because of damned shipping fees I bet! Well it was actually a little cheaper on eBay (almost half the price with no shipping fee), so I did some eBay shopping from Japan. 😛 The best way to spend and save some money!

Box of 5 Japanese Kit Kats. Quite a big box for the small amounts of chocolate inside.

This was surprisingly in a slightly different Kit Kat compared normal Kit Kats. It has a cute Japanese maple leaf on one side. They’ve covered part of the gap where the Kit Kat pieces are normally split for it to easily to break apart. 😙 Really couldn’t wait to taste this!

I have no idea what the flavour of Momiji Manju is, but looking it up, it’s supposed to be a steamed bun made with buckwheat or wheat, eggs, sugar and honey, then filled with jam… Interesting… But very, very sweet. Even my back teeth were kind of noticing the extra sugar!

An interesting buy, wouldn’t really get it again as this was far too sweet with the milk chocolate and all the other ingredients…

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