Japanese Kit Kat – Mainichi no Zeitaku (Luxury Days), Cranberry and Almond flavour

Another interesting Japanese Kit Kat flavour, also bought from Japan directly via eBay for a better price without shipping fees… I was quite curious why this was called a Luxury Days sort of Kit Kat…

There are only six in this packet. Such a shame to only have very, very small pieces for this packet! Quite disappointed.

This is a very different compared to all the Japanese Kit Kat and the normal ones in the UK. It’s like a nougat from Belgium, France and Germany. Lots of almonds and cranberry pieces fill the top instead of having their traditional logo name stamped on top of the piece of chocolate. Here they have used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It doesn’t have too much bitterness, so I would say less than <50% dark chocolate. It's not too sweet and probably good for my teeth!

The main disappointment is that it was only a single piece… and very expensive!

I can see why this was called a Luxury Days Kit Kat… Very extravagant!

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