UCC Japanese Instant Drip Coffee Mocha Blend

Have you ever heard of dokodemo.world? I’ve never heard of them until I saw an advert pop up about them. Dokodemo is like a Japanese supermarket online that ships worldwide… Although the products are quite cheap, the shipping fee is so expensive. 😥

I was searching for a few things, but I ended up buying 5 packets of cheese mochi (might post them in a future post 😉) and this drip coffee. What’s so special about this???

Have you gathered what this is about yet?

It looks like a dressing gauge for a wound… LOL!

Ta-da! It’s a one cup drip coffee bag. LOL! I may have seen it on a Japanese drama, but I saw it in an anime where one guy is making a coffee like this… Think there’s a few versions in Japan, but this was the cheapest option on Dokodemo! ^_^ The cup is from Muji by the way!!

So all you do is pour water, and it actually drips quite quickly… Japanese people are clever at everyday technology… 

Added a bit more water… didn’t want to waste the ground coffee!!!

Well, I like a nice coffee. This was actually quite nice. Not too bitter. Tasted like an Americano…

Going to make my last 19 coffee bags last until next year… I actually have a plastic drip coffee maker with lots of filters to get through, so these will definitely last until the new year… 😁