McDonald’s Christmas Advert 2017 – Carrot Stick #ReindeerReady

Moving on from the Jedward twins … can’t believe there are still fans out there 😏 … Not everyone can be their fans I’m afraid. Stick me in a freezer or send me to South Korea where there are real great singers and amazing pop idols who can sing and dance! 😛 

Today we’re resuming back into the Christmas adverts. It’s snowed in London for two days, but all of the snow has melted away.

Here McDonald’s have gone a bit soft… I guess they’re trying to encourage kids to stick to carrot sticks instead of the fries with lots of salt on top. The little girl and father sits in a McDonald’s store. The little girl insists on saving her last carrot stick for a reindeer… She gets home and her damn brother spoils it and says there’s more than one reindeer (who rides along with Santa), and so the father and daughter make another round trip to their nearest Drive-thru McDonald’s just to get more carrot sticks! OMG!


Woah, reindeer! I don’t I would trek all the way to McD’s just for carrot sticks… I could buy a whole pack in a supermarket for a decent price, or even make my own!

Idea was meh.

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