Noodle Family Limited 万家面馆 – London Surrey Quays

Christmas is now over and it’s a Happy New Year! We’ve got some food posts to get through! It’s been a somewhat quiet Christmas at home but busy at work… Couldn’t even catch up with my own database work. Damn work colleagues!!
How long has it been since I’ve blogged about Chinese food? Donkey years! 
So, Miss Pinky decided to take Baby B to see Santa, and so I tagged along. First stop, we had to go to a baby party and see Baby B’s cousins… Then it was time to eat something. Anything. I had a feeling that Miss Pinky wanted Chinese food, and seriously I couldn’t be bothered to say no to our first stop. Hahahahah.
Noodle Family Limited 万家面馆 (Traditional: 萬家麵館 – Canto: man ga min gun; Mando: wan jia mian guan. Meaning: 10,000 Family Noodles Restaurant) is right next door to Surrey Quays Overground Station. Miss Pinky used to go here when she was pregnant as she had lived nearby (now moved) but it’s my first time here.

Quickly looked at the menu. I think Miss Pinky was kind of rushing before Baby B threw a tantrum. 
Squid was the first option for starters. This was nicely prepared and tasted ok.

I had the beef slices with the handmade noodles and soup… It was kind of bland unfortunately. If the soup was a bit richer in taste I would have given this a thumbs up. Had to add lots of salt into it. The bowl of soup noodles contained stripped tofu slices, egg, black fungus, veggies… all a nice combo, only the soup was the main problem.

Miss Pinky had her beef in black bean sauce and veggies… as always she rarely touched the veggies and just went for the meat and sauce. I just don’t understand why she hates veggies! Why do people hate vegetables so much?

This is Baby B with her lightning hair trying to eat her chips… They were a bit too hot for her. Heheheh. Fussy eater at the moment. Her “Terrible Twos” is going to stay for a little bit. 😆 (But at least she enjoyed seeing Santa in Surrey Quays Shopping Centre).
Total came to £31.57. Gave Miss Pinky a little scare of the price by saying it was over £50. LOL! 

My Geeky Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)

Good points:
– OK service
– Food came out quite quickly

Bad points:
– My noodles were a bit bland

Address: 1B Rotherhithe Old Rd, London SE16 2PP
Tel: 020 7232 1323

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