Aizu Seimen Curry Tsukemen (dipping noodles) 会津製麺 カレーつけ麺

Do you remember that post of curry ramen I bought from Japan Centre a while back? Well, this is the sequel.
When I went back to the new Japan Centre for the second time, I made sure I went early to get the food that I had wanted. I was actually really surprised to see the curry ramen in store on discount as they had sold on the website quite quickly… I think I was very lucky to see them. Phew! 😇
So tsukemen つけめん is basically like ramen but without the broth. The sauce becomes the broth, and it’s what you dip the ramen into. The ramen is cold or cooled down to room temperature. The best time to eat this is probably in the summer.

As with the previous post, the ramen noodles don’t come in a straight line, they’re bent, I’m guessing for easy cooking. Very convenient!

Whilst the ramen was cooking, I started preparing the dipping sauce.

All you need to do is add a bit of hot water and then stir it. I added a bit more water in the end as I found the sauce to be a bit to salty.

And voila.


It tasted ok. Had a very messy time trying to dip and then slurp the ramen. The sauce kind of splattered everywhere. I enjoyed the ramen more than the sauce though. 😚

Would I get this again? Yes, yes, yes!!

Currently out of stock in Japan Centre, so hopefully after the winter season they’ll be back! Hayaku shite kudasai! (Please do it quick!) 😉

Original price: £4.00

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