Echigo Cheese Mochi Crackers チーズもち

Ah, just missed this blog’s 6th birthday! Happy Birthday to A Simple Geeky Life Blog!! ^_^ Haven’t blogged much in the past year… This year might be the same as I’m spending more on learning to drive. I actually don’t like driving but forcing myself to do it to encourage Miss Pinky to do her theory test and also getting Miss Vegan to also take lessons, and also to get Mrs Sweettooth to redo her theory and do the test… OMG. I should be called The Encouraging Geek! 

This does not mean I’m going to get a car. I’m still one of those peeps who think cars will destroy our air quality and environment. 😜
I’ve not blogged about a snack for a bit, so here’s one I bought from Dokodemo a while back. I bought a maxium of 5 bags, as they won’t let you buy more on the website. I guess it’s because of packing size and then it has to be shipped from Japan. I still think postage is too much though… I always select the cheapest option, but it still costs a lot. 
This snack is called Cheese Mochi. I’ve been trying to find cheese rice crackers which I used to buy in Japan Centre, but can’t find them anymore… 😓 

They’re quite cheap on the website…

Uh-oh, they expire soon… and I have two packs left!!

They look quite biggish…

And they taste awesome. They’re light and fluffy on the inside. It reminds of eating cheese puffs, but less salty, creamy cheese in taste… they taste like non-salty crackers within a cheese puff…

Eating my second to last packet. Tastes so creamy!

Individual pack: 0.64p! (SO cheap online) …  just don’t forget about P&P!

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