Meza Restaurant – London Tooting Broadway

Had a tough time at work last week. Still having a bad week this week too. 😖 I wish I had a month off…

Happy Valentine’s Day too!! 😍

I don’t often eat Lebanese food but it was an option for Ms LuFu and Mr Yellowcloak. We ended up at this place as Ms LuFu was decorating and couldn’t come up to Central London, so I was browsing the Internet on what we could eat around the Tooting Broadway area…

And I found this place called Meza. Tooting Broadway area is known for their Indian and Asian spices (as I was so told by one of my colleagues) but Ms LuFu and Mr Yellowcloak don’t like spicy foods, and I don’t think Ms LuFu eats out in her area much. She likes Lebanese food though! Phew!

A few minutes away from Tooting Broadway Tube restaurant is this small restaurant. It got very busy as our food came along… Customers kept coming and going!

All three of us (although only 2 cups showing here) had a pot of mint tea. It was really tasty even without sugar. 

We ordered a few starters… this one’s hummus with flatbread.

These hot pastries were AMAZING! Yum yum!! I don’t usually like pastries with like a solid edging, because they taste quite dry and tough when you eat them. That’s not the case with these. They were nice and warm, easy to bite into and very appetizing. We had two different kinds, soft cheese (Sambousek Jebneh) and lamb mince (Sambousek Lahmeh). I preferred the soft cheese!!

Ms LuFu had the falafels. They looked humungous!

She also had these… a lamb sort of pastry…

Mr YellowCloak decided to go with the fish of the day (sea bass)… That looked amazing! I wish I ordered the fish…

But I decided on the mixed grill… My desire to have lots of meat that night… ^_^ All of it was grilled nicely. Superb!

We even got a free piece of cake, but Ms LuFu decided not to have her piece – not a coconut lover. ^_^ So lucky!!

Total came to £52.31. Not bad for the three of us. Mr YellowCloak attempted to pay in Scottish pounds, and got away with it, no glances like what we get in the other restaurants we go to… Phew! Sometimes we get embarrassed with these attempts. 😌

My geeky rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(5/5)

Good points:
– Polite service
– Good starters (hot and cold plates)
– Enjoyed the mint tea

Bad points:
– Nothing that I can think of…

Address: 70 Mitcham Road, Tooting Broadway, London SW17 9NA

Tel: 07771 333157


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