Japanese Beer Variety

It’s been a tough couple of months (and another month to go). I think I almost burst with anger around a month ago with my managers making mistakes. 😡 In the end, I had to resolve it with alcohol!!
I went into Longdan after work, and I wanted to get a Sapporo and Asahi beer, but then I saw a new variety of beers they were selling. Including some non-alcoholic beers, but I didn’t buy those ones. Miss Pinky saw this picture and immediately thought of the variety we saw in Tokyo. 😁 I actually felt that same momentum when I bought these.

This Japanese Red Beer 赤濁り (red turbity? 😕) is actually quite interesting in terms of the can… for some reason the writing was upside down, not sure of the reasons. Anyway, the flavour was quite bitter, it mainly uses barley. It wasn’t my favourtite of all beers that I bought.

This one is called Komugi no Beer. This one uses wheat, and I actually liked it! It’s quite light but also bitter in taste, reminded me of a Heineken Beer, although Heineken mainly use barley… Hmm I think I like wheat more I guess.

This Lemon Beer is quite interesting. It’s not a shandy as it doesn’t taste like they’ve added lemonade; it tastes more of juice from a lemon added to beer. I’ve had the non-alcoholic version and I think that tasted awful. Definitely have the alcoholic one, it’s bitter with a lemon twist.

My favourite one: Komugi no Beer
The beers here are ranged from £2 to £4. It ain’t so bad considering a pint of beer in the city costs around £5 and up. 😆
p.s. Drink in moderation… even if you’ve had a tough day, have a herbal tea instead of a beer. You’ll feel better the next day!

Oseyo Eats (Korean) – London Waterloo

It’s been a very long week with snow, work and sleep (no driving this weekend, I quit with manual driving, so I’m going for automatic… I have a brain that can’t hack manual yet). Thankfully it’s all over in London. The snow has melted away. 😊
Hmart seem to be swinging into the London action (sorry for bad pictures of the shop, I crossed the road and forgot to take a better pic, and it was raining on the day I went).
I’ve been waiting for this shop to open (back in January). As soon as I saw K-Culture on the window I wondered what they meant by that and what type of shop this place was going to be…
Edit: Using Google Translate, I think Oseyo (Eats) 오세요 means “please come (and eat)” – please correct me if I’m wrong.

Inside the shop they sell refridgerated Korean dishes, dried foods, drinks, hot foods, K-pop CD’s, confectionery. There’s a seating area you can eat your food… Basically like a cafe but with a bit of Korean hype. 
I spent £13.68 on all the items in the picture below. The crackers are fat free pumpkin flavoured which cost £1.20.  The noodles are worth trying. There are two portions in each bag and are £3.99 each.

This is beef bulgogi kimbap. It was ok, but I think this was one of the popular items – the guy at the till had to check if there was anymore! This cost me £4.50.

p.s. This place used to be a bookstore before it was turned into a new building… goodbye bookstore!

Address: 158 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8SB
Tel: 020 3105 4857
Website: http://www.oseyo.co.uk/