A Day Out in Windsor + Royal Wedding Viewing – May 19th 2018

Day off from driving… I get to have my life back for a while…

Ooooo, it’s May 2018, and the anticipated Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and no longer actress Meghan Markle has arrived. Let’s hope this marriage will last forever. 🙏

Mrs Hen is a Royal fanatic (I am not). She loves the Royal family! OMG. She even made her way to see Prince William and Kate’s wedding (sorry for the informalities here, but they are roughly in the same age group as me 😉). Mrs Hen was so happy that the wedding was on a weekend, that she made me book train tickets in advance, however she had no one to go with. Mr Hen and her son said no thanks, hahahah!! And it was only who was left. She’s never been to Windsor by the way, and the last time I went there was a few years back when Miss Pinky, Master H and I went to Legoland. That’s like 6 years ago! Time flies!

First thing we did was get up early, shower and eat breakfast, then meet at Waterloo… We both got there early, so we jumped onto an earlier train… And arrived at 9.22am in Windsor and Eton Riverside. (Mrs Hen made me take this picture…).

The broadcasting teams are already in their high decked platforms.

Signs were already in place! My, my, the wedding planners thought of everything!!

Houses were already decorated with Harry and Meghan…

And finally passing security, which was practically a nightmare… They should’ve added more barriers if they didn’t want the public to walk on the roads. The long walk was already filled with people, but I’m thankful we got there early, and I had to stop Mrs Hen from entering a few shops on the way!!

The wedding went quite quickly, I sat through most of the ceremony, as I couldn’t see the screen or hear what was going on, so decided I would re-watch clips later on.

Ceremony over! And time for the long walk for the newlyweds… It was so hard trying to get to the front!!

I kept snapping, and snapping but my eyes could only see a sea of hands in the air and cameras… and people deafening my ears with their screams. I thought I missed the opportunity, but I scrolled though my pictures again (later in the day) and spotted this one…

Oh, I caught them on camera!! 😯 Did I actually catch Meghan waving at us?! 😯😯 No waaaay!!!

Close up. It looks like I photoshopped this, but I absolutely did not retouch the pictures!!

Got the back of their heads…

Time to flee the scenes… It was so hard to get out of the area. People started complaining at how disorganised security were with us fleeing the scene! I think they should have treated this like a football or rugby event and let us go.

Well, now back in town. Mrs Hen enjoyed ourselves but also became so tired… We ended up in the pub next to the station… We were practically tipsy after a pint of cider and a pint of Guiness. 😅

Time to head back with a lot of people. Kind of glad we went to see the Royal Wedding of the year (sorry Eugenie, won’t be attending your wedding). Lots of friends probably thought we were crazy to go in this crowd… 😆😆😆
Let’s hope Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis marry in their early twenties!

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