RHS Chelsea Flower Show – May 26th 2018

Another Royal event?

Not that type of Royal event. This is a flower show, which I’ve always wanted to go to, but always forgot to book tickets in advance for… and they’re usually sold out quite quickly…
So last weekend I ended up in Chelsea, one thing I should have done was got there early as it seemed all the gardening enthusiasts were there on the last day of the event. It was quite fascinating to see a lot of the old and young generations seeking some gardening tips or new segments people wanted to do to their own gardens…
Anyway, here’s what I found interesting… Loads of pictures along the way…

The Pavilion was ultra busy, time to move out into the open!

I had my lunch break at this point… was so hungry…

Hmmm, did I enjoy the show? It was so-so. 
Would I go again? No… Too crowded, and I could hardly see the displays. 😦 
BUT! I do recommend for most people to go to the Hampton Court Flower Show, which I went to two years ago. There was a lot of space, and a lot of people could manouvre into different directions. Plus it was easier to see the displays. ALSO it’s half the price compared to the Chelsea Flower Show…

Cost of ticket: £65 (far too expensive!) … Hospital grounds are so expensive!
Website: https://www.rhs.org.uk/


After the show, I went pass Elephant and Castle, and came across the opening of this new park… There was a sign, which I didn’t picture to say this was an alternative to the Chelsea Flower Show, and it was free! 😁

Later that same night, it was the night of the thundery showers… Spectacular lightning scenes! Caught this picture using my phone via a slow motion video.

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