Louie Louie – Japanese Okonomiyaki Edition

I haven’t been to Louie Louie for about a year now, so it’s about time I treat myself (even though I’m going on holiday really soon)… I shall start saving again from July, or possibly next year… 😇
In this post, (I haven’t been this excited about blogging for a very long time) I get to eat Japanese food in an English cafe/restaurant. Exciting desu! (エキサイティングです!). Who would’ve thought a Japanese chef would come and cook okonomiyaki in Walworth Road. 😋 
According to their website, Louie Louie will be changing their evening menus every few weeks with different chefs coming in and out, and it so happened that I spotted the typical Japanese restaurant decor whilst on the bus to work… I had to do some fast Internet searching…
The menu had various types of okonomiyaki, so I thought I should try it one evening, before the chef leaves town…

I wanted something differet to drink that evening, so I tried out this white beer called Hitachino Nest. Not bad. Not too bitter. Reminded me of a Heineken.

Tried out these fancy cauliflower tempura… they were amazing! Still hot every time I bit into one. Thumbs up to this!!

I had the kimchi, emmental cheese and mochi okonomiyaki. It came with noodles… Tasted very different to what I’ve had before. Each bite was different. One area had more cheese. Another part had more kimichi and the mochi was so thinly stretched that it was practically unnoticable. I’m generally used to eating okomiyaki with a lot of white cabbage, but the noodles replaced it quite nicely.

So as usual, I never really plan for the dessert, but thought maybe I should try out this Sake-kasu and lime panna cotta… It wasn’t overly sweet, and I thought it had resemblance to a sweet tofu dessert or a solid natural yogurt with berries on top.

I practically became vegetarian that evening. I think I could be a vegetarian if I went to Louie Louie often enough…

Total came to £29.81. Expensive. But worth visiting for this dinner. 😇 ごちそうさまでした!

I think it’s roughly around a week or so to go before it finishes!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Website: http://louielouie.london/

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