Vineyard Greek Restaurant – London Camberwell

Sometimes do you walk down a street, or go along a route via a bus and never notice a good restaurant standing around a corner or on a side street? Yes, many a times for me!
I’ve never heard of Vineyard before… I bet most of my colleagues have been to most or maybe all of the restaurants in Camberwell, London. 😅 I know of an ex-colleague who has been to all the Chinese restaurants around Camberwell, and probably many more in South and Central London. Hahahaha.
One colleague retired a couple of weeks ago, and I was invited to one of her leaving dinners. Having more than one leaving party is something I would like when I retire (but what I really want is quiet one… step out the door quietly… I have many moons to go 😖).

Vineyard feels like a completely hidden restaurant in Camberwell! I’ve never seen it or heard of it until my retiring colleague said she’s going there… Amazing.

The ceiling looks incredible, it’s filled with plastic vines, leaves and grapes.

My first dish was this halloumi cheese… I like cheese, but forgot that this is quite salty, so I had to take some of the free bread that came with it. I always like the Nando’s halloumi cheese and don’t usually taste the saltiness from them.

My colleagues had these starters… Looks very prawny from these pics. One colleague had the vine leaves stuffed with rice.

Next came the main dishes… I had the moussaka which is like a lasagna, but layered with aubergine rather than pasta sheets. I ate my food quite slowly, so I could taste every bite of the cheese, mince and aubergine. 😁 Tasted great! It actually made me think of using up some mince in my home freezer… I made some Italian lasagna the following week. 😆

My colleagues had various dishes. There were many dishes along the long table, but I could only picture a small amount as I was at the end of the table. Heheheh…

Here one colleague had the vegetarian moussaka. I think she wanted aubergine in hers but it was layered with potatoes.

Lamb chops I think…

And fish – deboned! Rarely see this in a restaurant.

After a filling meal. Some went for desserts, some had herbal teas and I had… a freddo espresso… Something cold as it was quite a warm day that day… 

Total came to an unknown price for all of us as one colleague (who is a higher earner) paid for us… But my meal cost around £21 exluding the wine I had with the others.

It’s a good find in Camberwell. I bet most of the locals know about this little secret restaurant in the side streets.

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Value for money
– Very filling – portion size is ok
– Polite service

Bad points:
– Weird toilet doors… door after door

Address: 3-5 Camberwell Grove, London SE5 8JA
Tel: 0207 703 2131 / 07984 920304


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