Gourmet Travels in Shenzhen – Day 4: Dim Sum, Ice Cream, Bubble Tea and Midnight Snacking

Think it’s about time I stop procastinating! 😅

Saturday 30th June 2018

In less than 24 hours of arriving in China, morning came fairly quickly… I was awakened by Mrs Travels mother who needed get her grandson’s potty, which happened to be in the room I was staying… I think I managed to sleep another hour or two before Mrs Travels said I needed to get up to go for breakfast. 😕 I want sleeeeep. It’s the only way I can survive in life. Sleep more! 

Well, we had to get bus (I forgot which number from Luohu) but we had to get to King Glory Plaza 金光华广场 (Mando: Jīn Guānghuá Guǎngchǎng; Canto: gam gong wa gwong cheung). Did you know it only costs CN¥2 (~£0.20) for an adult to get on a bus?!! And CN¥1 (~£0.10) for a child?! Plus there’s proper aircon!! Our English government needs to understand what the main differences in our transportation… 😠 
It was still the World Cup at the time we went, so we saw this display…

And this area is the King Glory Plaza. It really reminds me of Hong Kong. Skyscrapers can be seen everywhere.  

We walked a bit to find the dim sum restaurant where Mrs Travels sister wanted us to eat in.

It was quite funny intriguing seeing the signs… who would every fancy a coffee?! LOL! 😂

Near the area, there were some children learning and practicing kung fu. Cool!

We ended up in a big room which had their own private toilet. Don’t even know what the restaurant was called but it was on a whole floor with a play area. 
I think the family ordered too much, this is just part of what we had.
These buns were the only interesting pieces of food to take pics of… Red bean filled piggy buns.  

Finished food! Was really full! That’s a chicken’s foot there… Hahahaha!

Time to head back! Missy S decided to head back, so it was only Mrs Travels, Missy I and Missy A who got to go out and do some stationery and toy shopping before having some ice cream at McDonald’s. 😋 It was really, really hot.

Mrs Travels’s mother cooks a really good meal for the whole family! I really love her soy sauce and cola chicken! 😋😋😋 Just reminds me of my parents cooking – mainly DaddyChef’s cooking!

Somehow I ended up going out with Mrs Travels and Missy A to get a bubble tea. This large cup cost CN¥17 (~£2.00) – Way cheaper than London. I think this store is a new one in the area. It’s called 1點點 (Mando: yīdiǎn diǎn; Canto: yat dim dim), which means “a little bit”. If you notice, they’ve used Traditional characters, probably to emphasise that this is a Taiwanese brand. Mrs Travels pointed out that they probably need to sell a lot of cups to make a profit, and to pay their staff. (Shenzhen apparently sets their own minimum wage to their employees, so I bet the staff don’t get paid much). But anyway, I enjoyed my cheap tea!!

Final stage of Day 4 ended up with us eating another late night snack… In China, there’s an app you can use to order food. It’s a bit like Just Eat, Deliveroo, UberEats and all those delivery services. Would I ever do this in London? Probably not. I would rather walk to whereever and get my takeaway in person.
On the bright side in China, food is cheap, and you can order even if the food store is at your doorstep!

Time to sleep if I’m allowed to!

End of Day 4.

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