Gourmet Travels in Shenzhen – Day 8: Dongmen 东门 (East Gate) / Laojie 老街 (Old Street)

Wednesday 5th July 2018

Woohoo! Weather permitting, we were able to go out and explore, and be tourtists for a few hours.

We took a taxi to one of the tourist shopping sites. Dongmen 东门 (東門) East Gate a.k.a Laojie 老街 Old Street. According to Wiki, the area is around 300 years old, so I’m guessing there were a lot of businesses there in the past.

First off was a local theme park for the girls. They went on a few rides, and I even went in a bumper car just to make sure my driving was up to scratch… the cars went too fast!! 😓

The goldish area was very fishy smelling.

They just seemed to follow the human scent, probably thinking we were going to feed them… Ah poor koi fish…

Missy I really wanted a turtle, but we kind of convinced her not to get one. Who was going to look after it? Who will take it after we left China? How can we take it to France when it would be illegal to take live animals aboard a flight? Do you want to get Mr and Mrs Travels fined and pay a hefty price? Uh… So I took a picture for Missy I to remember them… 😩

Back to tourist sites! This is what I like… Market stalls inside the buildings – in all areas, underground, above ground and in the middle, looking for bargains and things suitable for sovenirs. Well, I definitely bought a lot of things! 

Have to admit, it is hard shopping with three kids with you… Two adults and three girls. Heheheh.
When w came back we ate some large dumplings. Can’t remember what the filling is but I think it was sticky rice, mushrooms and something else…

Missy I was very generous! She bought us all an ice cream!! Thanks Missy I. 😋

Here’s our late night snack cooked by Mrs Travels brother… They’re like whelks or snails. You have to suck them out. I’m ok with these! Look weird though. 😱 LOL! 

End of Day 8.

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