Gourmet Travels in Shenzhen – Day 9: Day Off with Fried Chicken

Thursday 5th July 2018

It’s my day off! Day of just doing nothing, watching Korean dramas and looking after Missy I and Missy S whilst Mrs Travels had to some errands.
Mrs Travels brother ordered some food… And we got this big fried chicken! Wow… I’ve never seen fried chicken like this! It tasted ok. Very hot when it came. Not spicy as well. 😋

Mrs Travels brother ordered this chicken burger for me… this was a bit spicy and I was ok with it! … Never heard of Mr Burger before. Tried to search for the franchise online, but I don’t think it’s very, very popular worldwide… 

Ah, I do like my crisps… I found these in the either the supermarket or a corner shop… I shared the Lay’s Lime flavour with Missy A. It tasted refreshing, slightly citrusy, and Missy A liked it a lot! Missy S tried to tease her to say it’s not nice but I convinced Missy A that it tastes really, really nice. Hahahahah. The Lay’s Wasabi flavour wasn’t too hot… 😦 I need to find a company who would stick to the hot wasabi flavour for crisps! 

End of Day 9.

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