Gourmet Travels in Shenzhen – Day 11 + 12: Dim Sum, Durian and Dining

Have paused my driving lessons for the moment. I’m almost there. Just need to kickstart my confidence and add a bit of oil, then do the test… But for the moment I have some time to do some blogging!

Saturday 7th July 2018

Woohoo! It was another weekend in China, and time for a spot of dim sum dining. It’s such a common activity and I’m so used to it by now! But the only thing I can’t understand is when everyone orders a lot of the same foods… The table just kept getting filled. So much food that my poor stomach couldn’t take anymore. I seriously don’t eat that much, I just don’t exercise. 😛

I saw these gluten butterflies and thought they were quite pretty. But tastewise, they were quite plain. The design was the only nice thing about this. 😑

Can’t remember what these were but there was prawn stuffed inside. Missy S was about to kill me with her glare when I said to Mrs Travels that she already 2 or 3 har gaw… Uh oh. I must not mess with Missy S and her foods. 

I was quite happy everyone got together. Family visits and being together is important in Chinese culture. 
It rained for the rest of the morning and afternoon, so we ended up staying in. I don’t mind. 
Later in the day, we ended up eating a lot of durian. Yep. Stinky durian. The taste is hard to describe, but it’s like mango/pineapple with a smooth cheesy texure and the smell of very stinky cheese… Talking about it makes me want to eat some. The bad thing about durian is that it makes you go to the toilet if you eat it with different combos of food… like don’t drink beer with durian which I had done. Not nice. 😱

Mrs Travels used some of the durian to make a pizza.

It actually tasted ok, but probably needed a bit of mature cheese as it was a little too sweet. But not bad! I want some now!

Uh hm. Yeah we had a bit of late night snacking with a beer… Excellent! There’s noodles at the bottom of this. ^_^

Mrs Travels had this… I think she had some cravings…

Sunday 8th July 2018

Short post. I can’t remember why we went out shopping again. It was one of those random things we were doing. Anyway, we ended up dining in KFC! The KFC in China feels a little different. Feels like they take in frying these chicken. 

And here’s just a random drink I bought from the shop… If only the British could be cuter with their food packaging. ^_^

End of Days 11 and 12. ^_^

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