Gourmet Travels in Shenzhen – Day 13: DIY Trip to Dongmen

Had a wisdom tooth taken out on Friday… in pain, can’t eat much too. Such a sad geeky life at the moment. 

Monday 9th July 2018

Breakfast time! I love traditional Chinese breakfasts! Mrs Travels was craving food that her sister would buy her first thing in the morning … and so we ended up going through the back streets to find this place called 石磨坊 Shi Mo Fang which means “stone mill”. They traditionally grind soy beans with an actual stone mill (you will see this in a later post). 

I got a meat “flat bun” but it’s like a pasty, however they aren’t baked, they’re pan-fried… Do you get what I mean?

They taste good. I wonder if I can find these in China Town.

Next part of the breakfast were these… This bottle contains hot soya milk. I actually thought it was cold, but in fact it was a little hot. There was no condensation at the top, so didn’t even notice it was hot. I also had fried dough. It’s so different to the Hong Kong version. This tasted more bready and less oily. Really different texture! (Missing these breakfast foods already!).

Mrs Travels said I should go out by myself today, so she told me to get which bus and get off at another bus stop. I think I missed my stop and had to walk to my destination. 😖 The Geek almost got lost again, but thankfully I was somehow able to use Google Maps. I really recommend you using your own foreign number as you’ll be able to use certain apps that the Chinese can’t even use. 

So whilst using Google Maps I took a few pictures… Looks like Deng Xiaoping is still being remembered in the back streets of Shenzhen. 

This part of Shenzhen is like a quieter version of Hong Kong City… Streets were really quiet…

Finally I reached my destination! It was a good walk, although still hot even with the clouds out.

It actually started raining whilst I was shopping. Luckily I bought an umbrella beforehand.

Walked all around Dongmen, I entered some shops here and there… I think shopping without children is the best thing ever! I say that because I feel like I’m not judged by the children whilst I take my time deciding. Plus I can spend a little bit freely… 😉

There were lots of modern styled clothing and it’s actually quite difficult to try and find any type of traditional wear.

Mr Bear asked me to buy some Kumamoto stuff in China for one of his friends. I never thought I would see this Japanese café in China! 😆

Then off I went back to Mrs Travels home. I went back via the long walk and then into another shopping centre and then took a bus back… Looks very quiet on a weekday!

By the end of the day I think all of us were a bit tired… The girls were playing with a ball, which I think should be banned once in the house. Balls need to be played outside. Well I seemed to be the target of their fun. So they hit the ball… they said it was by accident… but I kind of got angry at them. To me, I think it’s ok to be angry at children once in a while (not every day like Mrs Travels, but she’s used to it). Thankfully Mrs Travels took my side and the girls got the shock of their lives. LOL!! Don’t mess with family friends. 😛😜😝

From that shocking telling off, Missy I and Missy S weren’t talking to me… Missy A didn’t get what was going on… They were all naughty. It’s ok, I thought to myself. It would happen to them in their working lives one day…

Lunch was wonton and a bit of everything in a nearby food shop. I added the food to some already made spaghetti (I can’t eat much right now and I’m sulking with a small hunger pang. 😢).

Right now I’m huuuungrrrrrrry!!!

End of Day 13.

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