Gourmet Travels in Shenzhen – Day 15: The Last Shenzhen Supper

Wednesday 11th July 2018

I decided around two or three days before I leaving Shenzhen, I wanted to go back to Hong Kong for a day… So this was my final day in Shenzhen. Mrs Travels and family were off to the suburbs of Guangdong, and I didn’t want to really be left alone in a big home. I felt happy that I reconciled with the girls. 
So for breakfast, Mrs Travels and I went out with mischievious Missy A. She reminds me of Baby B a lot, a spitting image of her behaviour.🤣 We went around a few streets just looking around and deciding what to eat… Missy A was a little fascinated with the processing of soya bean milk. I love fresh soya milk!

So I had a lot to eat! As well as fried dough and soya milk (and from memory Mrs Travels bought cheung fun as well), I had a couple of steam buns. One char siu and the other was a veggie one.

They look so doughy from the outside and a little meaty on the inside. My breakfast was inexpensive… take me back to Shenzhen…!

The last night in Shenzhen meant I needed to eat my last lot of midnight snacks.

This is black stinky tofu. It didn’t stick as much as the one in Hong Kong. I ate the whole lot… there were so many pieces!

Black colouring on the outside.
White and tofu looking on the insid.
I didn’t realise I had to eat these noodles too… 

And some pan-fried bread… So stuffed!!

Goodnight to Shenzhen!

End of Day 15.

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