Kanaloa Bar with Mr Games and co.

Before the Christmas ads, here’s some odd posts from the middle of the year. 

Mr Games turned 1 year older this year (as we all have – the majority!). He decided to have his party a the Kanaloa Bar with is all the way near Blackfriars Bridge… He made us walk there, and he lied and said it will only take us 20 minutes to walk! It was almost a 40 minute walk from Elephant and Castle… The person I felt sorry for was Mr Sensible who did the whole shabang and dressed up as a dragon or was it Barney? LOL!
Most dressed up, and some of us just had some video game t-shirts on (I thank Uniqlo this summer for adding a PAC-MAN t-shirt into their collections!)
You must bring some sort of ID before entering the club…
The bar is a Hawaiian theme place, and I think Mr Games had pre-ordered some of the food and drinks…

A very fruity and alcoholic punch…

I didn’t do much of the dancing. I’m a lazy geek. But the group had a lot of fun in their costumes!

Well I stayed till the end. I think it’s the end of the road with clubbing for me… I felt my age in that club!

Mr Games, please choose something modest next year!! 😅

Address: Hill House, Wine Office Court, 18 Shoe Lane, London EC4A 3BQ
Telephone: 020 7842 0620

Website: https://www.kanaloaclub.com/london-bar

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