Koi Ramen @ Pop Brixton – London, Brixton Station Road

My public sector job has a very high turnover. Reason: yearly rotas across the UK! If you knew where I work, you would understand… I have another 3 months and 3 weeks to go before I leave them. 14+ years is a very long time in one company!
Well, it’s again the end of another rota, and again another get together for some awesome people! First we had ended up in a bar in Brixton – a change of scenery they said! OMG! Here we’re just catching the sunset at the top of a bar…

Finally food time! I feel like this year I haven’t had enough food to blog about. 😕 I’m spending my money and time on driving, plus trying to be stress free and also saving for my next holiday! Next year I promise to do a bit more! (Let’s just hope I pass my driving test by the end of the year!).

Anyway, Pop Brixton has a variety of foods in this mall-like diner. It was quite difficult to find a massive table for us, luckily some people were leaving, and we managed to grab a table. A long one.

I was craving ramen. I love ramen. And I knew I just had to have a bowel from Koi Ramen Bar. It was one of those hit and miss opportunities.

So what did I choose? The tonkotsu ramen with an extra slice of tonkotsu, and a full set of gyoza plus a beer!

With Koi Ramen they add the toppings for you, so if you’re allergic to anything, make sure to let the peeps know! Itadakimasu!
The ramen was cooked a bit soft (a bit too soft to my liking). I tend to like my noodles to be al-dente. The slices of pork were a little on the thin side. The soup was ok, I drank it all as it’s been a little while since I’ve had tonkotsu soup from a restaurant. 😅 Gyozas were ok.
So one of my colleagues decided to treat me with this bun. I miss my past colleagues. They were all so nice to me… and I was kind of mean to some of them behind their backs… (should not try and do that in the future – but some do deserve my somewhat hatred towards them). Anyway, back to this bun!
It was overly topped up with so many ingredients that it was hard to tell what this is! A very messy experience!!

Overall price came to £17! Not inluding the Vietnamese bun. Reasonable price.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Located in a very local place and good to experience a variety of different foods
– If you’re craving some cheap ramen around the area, this is an ok spot to try
– Nice pork soup!

Bad points:
– Ramen was too soft!

Address: 49 Brixton Station Road, Brixton, London SW9 8PQ
Tel: 07796 463972

Website: https://www.koiramenbar.co.uk/