Christmas Lights at ZSL London Zoo

Are you fed up of Christmas now? Do you still want to see more Christmas stuff on this blog?
Correct Answer: yes, I’m fed up and I probably don’t want to see anymore, thanks.
This is my last post of anything Christmasy! As I usually have nothing much to do at the end of Christmas, since people want to spend loads of time with their families. I’m quite lucky, as I see my family all the time – apart from the very distant aunts, uncles and cousins who sometimes appear out of nowhere.
I decided to go to the Christmas Lights at London Zoo. Even as a member, I had to pay for a voucher to get in… I arrived on time, queued with everyone, and then walked swiftly through the trail… Here’s a few pics.

Looks like a PacMan was there…

The flamingos at night…


It was a bit like going to the Magic Lantern Festival. A bit scary as I couldn’t see the events people.
I think I walked too fast as it took me a good 45 minutes, including watching the motion video near the end of the trail.

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