23andMe & WeGene – I’m not 100% Chinese ~~~

I failed my driving test today for the first time with 4 major faults. Ugh. I hate reverse parking!! And I hate driving, but… I rebooked my test. My nerves have gone, and so I think I best do it again in a few weeks time! 😓 I will do my best next time!

I have been wondering about my ancestry for a long time. Both my parents gave me a lack of information about my ancestors. They just basically didn’t know, apart from our current family and my grandparents. So what does one do when in doubt? Take a DNA test of course!

I was browsing through Amazon in December, and the 23andMe kits were on sale. Hoorah! Bought it, got it, spat in the tube and then sent it out.
My info was transmitted to the labs, and it’s taken almost 2 months for the results to get back to me. They had a high volume of participants (well obviously, since there was a sale).
So on Sunday 27th January 2019, I opened up my results… And… I’m not 100% Chinese. 😯 O. How can that be? Where that Taiwan part come from? Is that from my Hakka heritage? The Hakka people are really diverse.
My DNA shows I have some Vietnamese and Chinese Dai (Yunnan area in China, but more Vietnamese) in me, and I’m Broadly South East Asian. What does this mean?! I am so confused. One of my parents has Vietnamese in them. I’m sure it’s MummyGeek’s side because I know that DaddyChef’s side is Broadly Chinese from his Hakka heritage. 
I downloaded my raw data from 23andMe, and then created an account on WeGene. Uploaded my results. Within a few minutes, it shows that I’m more Chinese in some ways… But I also have small percentages of likely Indian and Korean in me. Woah. Shocker! Must be from DaddyGeek’s Hakka heritage, because I can’t explain it. But this might explain my obessession with curry and kimchi! (I actually wanted to have some Korean in me, hahahahah – I love K-Dramas and K-pop 😍). Kinh is from Northern Vietnam. And there’s “Others” – Huh?!

Anyway, whatever I am, I feel that I fit into the Chinese category – very broadly Chinese. Not sure of the accuracies and inaccuracies of this data. To me it just explains why I have more of a broad taste in foods. My tongue says it all.

Totally, totally unexpected results. I really thought I was 100% Chinese. I guess not. 😱😵

www.wegene.com/en/ – mainy for Chinese and Asian breakdown

5 thoughts on “23andMe & WeGene – I’m not 100% Chinese ~~~

      1. EssenceOfTiare

        Okay. Thank you. I also uploaded my dna results from ancestry to WeGene and recieved my MtDNA code and I was wondering how accurate it was. Thank you.


      2. jerry

        kinh is shortern for kinh do ( capital ) kinh is majority ethnic ( 85-89% the rest are ethnic minority )in Vietnam not only in northern Vietnam , kinh is aka Vietnamese ( or yue in Chinese ) why don’t we call our ethnic viet cause we are 54 ethnic country and back then the emperor have to used kinh to separate from ethnic minority people who live in mountain/jungle ( aka who live in capital , town , city , low land and rule by the emperor , speak , read the same language , same culture are Kinh , people that in mountain/jungle who cant speak Vietnamese , not direct rule by the emperor court have they own culture , language are not kinh ) if you are from southern china it pretty normal to have some % of Vietnamese , nan yue ( nam viet ) was once southern china and northern Vietnam ( the S shape of Vietnam to day is not the same at in the ancient time , Vietnam back in the early day was only in northern and some part of southern china , over time we lost the northern territory and only have the red river delta after rebellion and free out self from china rule in late tang dynasty period in 900s ) after 900s we start to south march ( nam tien ) pretty much similar to how china have it own south march , conquer the land of champa ( central Vietnam ) Khmer empire ( southern Vietnam ) creat the current S shape country you seen , Vietnamese heart land was in the red river delta ( northern ) ( just like Chinese han are from central china spearding out and assimilate other ethnic thru conquer )


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