Solo Wood Recycling @ Croydon

Have you been looking for wooden furniture but always came out disappointed because you couldn’t find anything you’re looking for? Or have you been looking for wood to use to make something spectacular in your own home?

Well, if the answer is yes, then you’re looking for the answer in this blog post.

I’ve been introduced to Solo Wood Recycling by Miss Pinky and Mr Picky, they are relatives to the peeps who work for this workshop. Solowood Recycling is based in Croydon, the very South of London. It’s about a 10 to 15 minute walk from West Croydon Station.

And what do they do? They collect wood that is meant to go to the landfills of the unknown and sell them at bargaining prices. In other words, they recycle and then upcycle any type of wood. It’s considered as an upcycling wood yard.




If you’re not into bargaining, then there is an area for you to look at free pieces of wood. There’s plenty of it. Most have been taken to make small boxes and crates to ship to other countries.  Free firewood is also available. That’s better than going into a forest for twigs and branches!! And probably good for bonfires night in November.

Here’s something Mr Picky works on… I’m not sure what he’s doing here, but it looks like he shifts a lot of wood! I see a lot of stacking on the right hand side. Hm, maybe I should ask him. LOL! (Edit: He told me he’s working on the firewood section, stacking and tidying up, and breaking bits apart).


Looking further inside Solowood Recycling’s base, you can find allsorts. From picture frames to old furniture. You probably could find a flower box pre-made by the Solowood Recycling Team. The Team consists of 8 people, including the owners. They are very dedicated people who want to establish recycling with wood.

So as a blogger, I asked a few questions, I needed a bit of an inside story of this business. Solowood Recycling is a non-profit business. Their motto is to “Save the World” or “Save the Trees” as you can use reusable wood and make it into something more worthwhile. It’s cost-effective compared to the prices of branded DIY stores, where they would sell a fraction of the wood that you could get for recycled/upcycled wood. They have a wide spectrum of customers – from the well-off designers to those who have just bought a new home and need something decent in their homes, like a shelf.

The company inspires and provides work or training for the disadvantaged, for example, people with learning diffculties or ex-offenders. It’s a labour-intensive job, where they have shifted 216 tonnes of wood, and saved them from going to wastelands.


As well as selling off wood, one of Mr Picky’s brothers is a designers/craftsman who takes some of the wood to produce objects for customers who are not crafty enough or don’t have the skills to be a carpenter. Here’s his workshop and he works long hours just to keep up with customer demands.

So remember peeps, recycle and get them upcycled with Solo Wood Recycling!


Follow them on:

There’s even a blog page, but I wish it could be updated more regularly with their new cool things

Where to find them:
Address: 43 Factory Lane, Croydon CR0 3RL
Telephone: 07444 729521

Opening Times:
Monday-Friday – 9am-4pm
Saturday – 10am-2pm
Sunday – Closed

Nearest Stations (but best to go by car if you’re considering buying loads of wood)
West Croydon
East Croydon


“Oink Oink” Happy Chinese/Lunar Year 2019 – Year of the Pig

Today marks the start of Year of the Pig. The Lunar year is now 4717.

Hoping this year will be a bit lucky for me and for all the people surrounding me. This Geek is going to be a bit selfish for once and I’m going to make sure I do what’s best for me.

Go Geek!

Enjoy! (What I need right now is alcohol. Hahahahah). Going to look forward to this weekend.

p.s. I’ve finally learnt how to justify on WordPress. Phew!

A Time For Change

It’s a new year, a new beginning for work and a new(ish) start to my blog.

I’ve decided to make some changes by importing asimplegeekylife to WordPress. My main reason is because I was tired of the limitations on Blogger. Google have also decided to terminate Google Plus, and I wasn’t sure where my pictures and stuff were going to go.

I hope I’ve made the right choice. ^_^ (fingers crossed).

Also, if you, as a blogger have also decided to switch to WordPress, don’t go for the web-hosting stuff, because you can import your Blogger to WordPress for free. will now be I’m trying out all the free stuff before I decide to do any upgrading. The blogspot website will be deleted soon.

p.s. Why can’t I justify my paragraphs in WordPress?!!!

p.p.s Happy 7th Year of Blogging!