A Time For Change

It’s a new year, a new beginning for work and a new(ish) start to my blog.

I’ve decided to make some changes by importing asimplegeekylife to WordPress. My main reason is because I was tired of the limitations on Blogger. Google have also decided to terminate Google Plus, and I wasn’t sure where my pictures and stuff were going to go.

I hope I’ve made the right choice. ^_^ (fingers crossed).

Also, if you, as a blogger have also decided to switch to WordPress, don’t go for the web-hosting stuff, because you can import your Blogger to WordPress for free.

asimplegeekylife.blogspot.co.uk will now be asimplegeekylife.wordpress.com. I’m trying out all the free stuff before I decide to do any upgrading. The blogspot website will be deleted soon.

p.s. Why can’t I justify my paragraphs in WordPress?!!!

p.p.s Happy 7th Year of Blogging!

5 thoughts on “A Time For Change

  1. MyOnlySecret

    I too just moved over to wordpress after being on a few other sites for a long time – one of my blog was deleted completely after one company shut down over night- and i have struggled finding my place in the blogging world ever since – but wordpress seems nice- i might upgrade in a month- i like what i get with the free site but there are a few items i want that only the paid site option offers. You should add the ‘follow’ button to your blog too 🙂 I didnt find it yet but I plan to follow you to see if i would enjoy your blogging 🙂


      1. MyOnlySecret

        I think I might upgrade so I can have more space for photos, I have a feeling I will run out of space if I keep blogging lol


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