Machiya 町家 – London, Panton Street

So what happens when this geek fails her driving test for the second time (thankfully it was just one serious fault instead of four!). The Geek goes on a food therapy session. I was going to go out whether I passed or failed anyway. I’m was just a bit angry at myself at the moment because I almost passed – damned parked cars on a two-way street!! 

I’ve also ended my permanent job after 15 long years in the same company in two different posts… Aaaaah, freedom!

After my food shopping, I actually wanted ramen but there was a queue at Kanada-ya, so I went into their neighbour’s restaurant – Machiya 町家 (meaning: “city shop”).

It looked appealing as I really wanted a katsudon. (I actually wanted a chicken katsudon ~~~ but nevermind ~~~).DSC_1748

Well, this is what I ordered. A pork katsudon, a piece of aubergine sprinkled with different spices and an iced matcha latte. DSC_1744

It looks quite small here, but underneath all of this is actually a lot of rice.DSC_1745

The aubergine slice was surprisingly tasty but maybe I should’ve evened out the spices a little. It was easy to split apart. It was cooked really softly.

Ta-da! And it’s all disappeared!DSC_1747

Total came to around £24.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 … wish there was a slightly bigger portion

Good points:

  • Nice customer service
  • Food was ok
  • Not overly expensive

Bad points:

  • A bit slow

Address: 5 Panton St, London SW1Y 4DL
Tel: 020 7925 0333


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