Manor of Walworth Pub

I failed my driving test for the third time today… I wonder if driving was ever meant for me… Let’s try again, just one more time!!!

I’m going on holiday for two weeks in a few days time. Here’s a post before I go.

Since Manor of Walworth had opened, I’ve always wanted to have an opportunity to go in and look around, and see what the Labour MP’s had enjoyed in the past when they had their Headquarters there. I’ve passed John Smith House for a few decades (not sure when it was built, and I’m sure it’s one of those listed buildings that cannot be destroyed in Southwark.

One main reason I wanted to come here was because I was having one of my leaving drinks before having dinner in Dragon Castle…DSC_1760

It’s a different type of pub. I’m hoping they will serve food soon. Fingers crossed it will happen in the future!DSC_1758


Had half a pint of Guinness. Needed it as it was so warm on that day. ^_^DSC_1756

A few weeks later after my first visit, my colleagues were astounded at how posh this place looked. The toilets at the top (it was a long way up to the top) was very old fashioned but the view of Walworth Road was pretty. ^_^

Not particularly fond of the stairs out front… what if someone drank too much and fell over? LOL!

Would definitely come here again, just bring out the food menu!

Address: 140 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1JL
Tel: 020 7708 5354

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