Lost in Japan, Memoirs of a Geek: Day 1 – A New Journey

Unemployed (though not for very long now) and going back to basics (that’s after 19 years of not having a break in between jobs ~~~). But before I become employed again, I decided to enjoy the holiday that I pre-booked around a year ago, (this was way before I decided to quit my job).

I did a blog series of being “Lost in Tokyo” in 2014, and as I’m still learning Japanese (probably up until I pass the N4 exam at some point in the next year or so), I thought it would be nice to go back to Japan before the World Rugby, which is happening this year and the Olympics in 2020. Enjoy it before over-tourism starts. ^_^

Saturday 30th March 2019

In this journey, I’ve taken on a pre-planned journey all booked by Bamba Experience using the TourRadar website. I decided to use an agency to book everything as I was tired of planning my journeys and spending hours just looking for hotels and prices. The disadvantage of this is that you’ll be paying a higher price, or maybe quite similar depending on the rooms you want.

My journey starts off with a taxi ride to Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5. The terminal that I dislike, but luckily this time round, after passing all the security and stuff, I didn’t need to travel on a bus to my plane. Phew. It would have been endless!!

When I booked my flight I thought I was going on a JAL (Japan Airlines) flight, but it turned out to be a BA flight. Grrrr. Why do they sell tickets like that? That’s so misleading.

Well the flight was ok, apart from the people sitting next to me – they were nice, but a little too talkative. One looked like a retired old lady, and the other was with his family, unemployed but was doing lots of programming on his laptop. ¬_¬”” … I watched 3 films and listened to some music to make myself sleep… I only had a 20-30 minute power nap.

Here’s the flight food. Not bad from BA!

Lunch/Dinner – chicken teriyaki, the sauce wasn’t that bad, but a tad too salty


I had an ice cream in between – had to wait a moment for it to defrost before eating it.

Breakfast – at first I thought there wasn’t enough salt, but I think I added to much salt, and it became not a nice breakfast…


I sat near the toilets, so a lot of people bumped into me, a little annoying. The back of the seat was also broken… I suggest BA should look at their seats and fix them – plus do some extra cleaning as I could a lot of dust in the TV screen area.

End of Day 1.

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