Resorpia Hotel – Hakone, Japan

So the next hotel I was booked into was the Resorpia Hotel in Hakone. It’s very, very far, and it’s very, very uphill. If you’re a good climber then by all means you should walk it. But with my stamina, the best thing to do is go up in the tram. 

At night, if you go outside, you can clearly see the stars.DSC_2205



The rooms are very clean. I was placed on the 6th Floor, but it’s like a maze trying to find your own room! I really had a peaceful night at this hotel, I couldn’t even hear anyone from the next rooms… Was I the only person on that floor I wonder!


Bathroom was nice and clean enough.

This was the view I had from the hotel room. Trees and mountains. I was basically next to the car park as well.

Although I got off the wrong stop, I think I may have been able to have go through the car park (as I found out in the morning!) to get to this hotel. 

Anyway, if you know which route is the fastest, let me know!! This is the route I took, but you’re actually going uphill with this route!!! ¬_¬””



The food is excellent here, but make sure to reserve your space, otherwise there’s no other place to buy food… I found out the hard way!!!

Address: 1320-1239 Gora, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0408, Japan

Nearest Cable Car Stations: Naka-Gora Station (the one I got off) and Kami-Gora Station (probably the easier route)