Lost in Japan, Memoirs of a Geek: Day 9 – Kyoto to Hiroshima

Sunday 7th April 2019

Got up early. Time to go to my next destination – Hiroshima. Wish I could have stayed in Kyoto for a tiny bit longer, but I think that might have to be another time in the future.

When I got to Kyoto Station, I couldn’t book a seat to Hiroshima – I think it was because it was a Sunday, and there were too many people coming and going. So I had to wait a long time to go from Kyoto to Shin Osaka… I don’t understand how Japanese people read their train times, so I relied on Google Maps a lot! Spotted a Ninja train in the meantime…DSC_2710

When I got to Shin-Osaka, I was going to get the next Sakura train to Hiroshima – but wasn’t sure if this Hello Kitty Shinkansen was going there – I decided not to get it just in case it didn’t go to Hiroshima. Think I was quite lucky to see it up close and personal… 😁

Because I couldn’t reserve a seat, and I also missed breakfast, I decided to buy my brunch sandwich. Tonkatsu sandwich. Decided to eat it at the station there and then so that I didn’t have to eat it on the train. People were kind of staring… But I think they realised what I was doing. Hahahaha.


Got on the next available Sakura train with my JR Pass in the non-reserved carriage. Quickly found a seat. Luckily it was empty because in all the next stops it was so busy, and a lot of people had to stand.DSC_2715

Arrived in Hiroshima… and I tried to follow Google Maps to the hotel… But it showed me a very odd way. Maybe because I was at the wrong end of the station… I followed the odd route anyway.DSC_2717

Google Maps showed me a very long windy way to get to the hotel… But it was worth the scenic river view… And I loved how the locals were having their spring get-togethers, singing, and having BBQ’s on this day. Hiroshima already felt like a more relaxed town compared to Kyoto and Tokyo. I think if I ever move to Japan, I would live in Hiroshima. Peaceful town!


After check in I went back out to find food… The back streets were really quiet, I guess the people in Hiroshima like to be quiet people during the day. Or maybe Sunday is just a day to rest for most.


Using Google again (it became my best friend on this entire trip) I found this ramen bar which is about a 20 minute walk from the hotel called Ramen Sen no Kaze ラメん千の風 literally meaning “ramen thousand winds”.


It’s a small decent ramen bar. There were already a few customers who had finished and were leaving… so I was practically by myself. A lot of Japanese people and tourists were queuing up for bubble tea and other foods around the area… DSC_2736

Kirin beer with a small glass (I guess the owner wants people to take their time drinking) with a bowl of salad.DSC_2737DSC_2738DSC_2739

Added some gyoza onto my order…DSC_2742

Then my bowl of ramen came out with some extra chashu… Wow!! The chashu were extra thick. The soup was really creamy and a little spicy at the same time. I couldn’t leave the place without drinking the whole bowl of soup… It’s a must!DSC_2741DSC_2744DSC_2745

Think I spent around ¥1600 (~£11.03). Mega cheap!!

Address: 4-18 Tatemachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0032, Japan

After the ramen I went for a long walk around Hiroshima. Got to see the Atomic Bomb Building. Wow. Couldn’t believe I got to see this!


More walking… I was actually really tired, but I only had two days to explore the city.


Then I had a look at surroundings of Hiroshima Castle.


I looked at the castle and contemplated whether to walk up 5 floors in Hiroshima Castle. My feet were tired. After more than a week in Japan, I was already weakened with the amount of hills and long distance walking. If I knew the areas a bit more, I think I would be able to take public transport more easily. 

So I bought a ticket and went in the castle… 🙃 All the way to the top!

Then all the way back down.

I walked all the way back to the hotel… it was a long walk!!


Still full from the ramen… I went to the nearest convenience store. Bought sandwiches and a pudding for dinner. The strawberries and cream didn’t have many strawberries in the sandwich…



End of Day 9.