Lost in Japan, Memoirs of a Geek: Day 10 – Miyajima and Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki

Oh dear, we have a Joker as our Prime Minister… Farewell, he says to Camberwell. MummyGeek seems to like him – because he jokes a lot (in an attempt to be serious at the same time)… And then I thought, the Joker PM sounds like Mr Stingy when he becomes too excited about a topic. [MY SERIOUS FACE IS ON  😠 ].

Monday 8th April 2019

Late-ish start to the morning. I slept quite well, and didn’t want to get up so early to be honest. Went down to breakfast, and the staff lady was behind the back cleaning… She probably thought I was Japanese… There wasn’t much that I liked, or some of the foods look as if they were there for a tiny while… But the coffee was great, too bad it was in a small cup.DSC_2817

After breakfast, I handed my room key in to get it cleaned and to get my breakfast ticket for the next day, I took a bus, walked a bit and then rushed for the boat to my next tourist destination, Miyajima. The people selling the tickets got me confused when I was buying my tickets because I didn’t know what time I was going to return… so in the end I did buy an open return ticket for ¥3600. This route is great if you don’t want to take the overcrowded JR Ferry.

Website: https://www.aqua-net-h.co.jp/en/heritage/route.html


Arrived in Miyajima after an hour on the boat… You’re allowed to be on the upper deck for a few moments to take pictures, but you need to go back to your seat as soon as they arrive to the shores.

Best thing about being to the tourist sites early is seeing the sites without too many people around… I think even the deer were happy to see humans about to feed them…


First thing when arriving to Miyajima is to walk to the famous floating tori gate. This is one of the tourist sites I have always wanted to go to!!!! I have been dreaming of going there for a long time. 😍😍😍


I walked around the island after being awed by a tori gate in the ocean… The old town was spectacular with all the cherry blossoms in bloom.


I ended up going through the route to the Aquarium as there wasn’t a lot of people about. I felt a little lonesome in the town…


And then I saw THIS lovely staircase… it looks like a familiar scene in an animé or manga… or maybe not… just looked so pretty from where I was standing. I even bowed at the shrine at the bottom of the staircase to pay my respects.


More walking and then back around I go.


Now I started returning back to the ferry… almost spent two or three hours at the island… it’s not fun when there’s no-one with you to look around.

Then I saw this and took a picture of this funny ad. “Deer Love Beer!?”… LOL!!!


I saw a stand earlier selling curry bread with oysters inside. So I bought two, they were quite cheap… I ate them whilst looking out at the sea. Food moment!!  😋😋😋 They were amazing!


And then back to Central Hiroshima I go… Back on the boat… This time it wasn’t crowded. It’s always best to go back before everyone else decides to do the same thing. LOL!


Now back in Hiroshima, I decided to go and take a small walk along the riverside to ease away my bumpy ride back.

I went around the shopping district… I could have bought a lot of things, but I decided to keep my money in my purse… I love Dragon Ball, so I had to take a picture of Goku. DSC_2970

Back to the hotel I go…DSC_2972

I think I went around another back street around the hotel area, I saw a convenience store, so I bought wasabi crisps, sushi and black coffee before dinner… I think I started watching Korean shows on my phone for the rest of the afternoon. 😅DSC_2974

And local dinner… Okonomiyaki Hiroshima style… This place is directly across the street from the hotel. Don’t think they are open on Sundays.DSC_0009DSC_0001DSC_0002DSC_0003DSC_0004

The Hiroshima style is totally different. The food is layered rather than mixed like the Tokyo style. Pretty good stuff. DSC_0005DSC_0006~01DSC_0007DSC_0008

In the end, the cook gave me the bill price… Think he thought I was Japanese too. My brain was kind of scattered, and I had forgotten all my Japanese numbers at that point. Hahaha…. I think it was around ¥1500 … around there more or less. Think the owner and residents realised I was a tourist. Hahahahah. At least they tried to talk to me in English. Kekekeke.

Address: Smile Okonomiyaki, 2-10 Kanayamacho, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0022, Japan

Spent the rest of the evening watching Korean stuff… and making sure I went to bed early for the next destination!

End of Day 10.