Lost in Japan, Memoirs of a Geek: Day 13 – Osaka Last Round

Thursday 11th April 2019

My last full day in Japan! Had to make it a memorable last full day. So I made sure I ate a lot for breakfast, and made sure I left my card at the table so I could get my extra coffee… The day before, the restaurant staff just took my coffee away when I was getting more food.

Then out I go. Out to the shopping district of Osaka. Tenjinbashisuji. As you come out of the Temma Station. You go to one side, then back to the middle… then you walk the other side, then back to the middle… OMG… that was so long! Luckily I had lots for breakfast. There’s a lot of shops, most don’t open until after 10am. So just walk back and forth.

After shopping, it was time to eat… I haven’t had much sushi on this trip, so I decided to go to this store outside Temma Station.


It’s just like Yo! Sushi… but much more fancier, and much more tastier…DSC_0234

I had 10 plates and free DIY green tea… the expensive dish was the one on the black plate – OMG, raw prawns are AMAZING!!! I could eat these all over again… Cost less than ¥3000.DSC_0245

Address: 回乾寿司 マリンポリス, Temma Station.

KFC was next door… I had to take a picture of Mr KFC.


As I was leaving, I had to take pictures of these…

On the Osaka Loop Line, there is a station called Sakuranomiya. Can’t find much history of this spot but I guess it was a man-made area dedicated for sakura, cherry blossom viewing for the locals and the tourists. It stretches for a few kilometres… I could have walked a bit more, but I was in need for a toilet… drank too much tea and coffee!

If you’re in Osaka between March and April, I recommend you go to this spot!!

One food item I bought at the market was a box of gigantic dango. I actually wanted one skewer, but got a box instead. Hahahaha!! Too embarrassed to refuse, I just decided to buy it and eat it at the hotel. The sauce is like sweet hoisin sauce… The dango was like tough mochi. I’m actually craving for these!DSC_0301DSC_0303

I took a really long nap at this point – I was really tired.

Then I suddenly woke up, and went for my final dinner in Japan… I went out looking for omurice. Thankfully there’s a stall near the station that makes omurice.DSC_0310DSC_0309

You may think there’s a lot of tomato sauce, but it was just right. It didn’t taste like ketchup, it tasted like Italian pasta sauce.DSC_0306DSC_0307

I had chicken omurice… and it was amazing with that sauce! Where can I get that sauce!!??DSC_0308

Also had some fried chicken… why not?DSC_0305

Address: Japan, 530-0001 Osaka, Kita Ward, Umeda, 3 Chome−1−1 3

As I finished eating, I decided to walk around the shopping areas… Mr Games wanted pictures of fake food… so here’s a pic of fake sushi.DSC_0311

Couldn’t find a dessert shop in Osaka Station, so I bought some desserts from 7Eleven – cheap and cheerful, but too much plastic wasted. Sorry to the environmentalists!DSC_0312DSC_0314DSC_0316DSC_0313DSC_0317DSC_0315

It was a long night… Shouldn’t have had that nap… And next door I could hear a couple having a romp. 🤣🤣🤣 They weren’t ashamed of people hearing them I guess…

Goodnight Osaka!

Very hard to get to sleep… But at least I slept in the end…

End of Day 13.