Lost in Japan, Memoirs of a Geek: Day 14 – Homebound

Friday 12th April 2019

And finally it was time to say goodbye to Osaka and Japan! It was so nice being back after five years!

As soon as I checked out, I took the cab that was booked via Bamba Experience. I was ready to go!! The ride took forever… It took so long to get to the airport.

After check in, I bought some snacks – like Kit Kat for blogging later! (Still haven’t had them yet).DSC_0325

I also bought my breakfast… I didn’t bother to eat at the hotel in case I missed my cab and flight.

10 hours on the plane from Japan to Helsinki… The flight was ok, I sat to a couple of Italians. The flight was fully booked unfortunately.

It was my first time in Finland… Luckily didn’t have to pick up my luggage in between flights!!DSC_0327

Finally left Finland to get to London… Thankfully I had two seats to myself. Yay!!! No one sat next to me.DSC_0328

This was a perfect journey going home by myself… I even took a black cab since I didn’t spend much in Japan.

Afterthoughts: I came back with a lot of money leftover. I took around ¥20,000 which is approximately £1,500 as spending money. But I had only spent around £800 – for food, drinks, tickets, shopping… As a lone traveler, you have to think of spending less. Plus I was practically jobless at the time I was travelling. The rest of the money was exchanged, and used for my rent. How clever is this Geek? Very clever!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this journey. Next journey coming up soon!!