Morocco – Day 1: Entering Rabat

So last month I ended a 3-month job as a freelancer in the private sector of doing something similar to my old job – I was given too much freedom, and I enjoyed it. Will still be freelancing (currently working two jobs at the moment – old and partly my new job), but I’ve also applied for a job that’s one day a week – a management role involving some old managers and teams of mine in the public sector. We’ll see how things will go… Scared and grateful of all these opportunities I’ve been given at the moment. ^_^ I just need something secure!!! Life is not so simple for now… 😅

As the 3-month verbally agreed contract ended, it was my time to go on holiday! Another one? Yeah!!

Saturday 27th July 2019

I was invited by the Travels Family a long time ago – I think it was when I was in China at the time, to go to a wedding of a very close family friend of Mr Travels’ parents in Morocco… I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco, so I decided to go in the end! Just for the experience.  😉

Travelling around the world seems like second nature to me, but this time I really had to travel like a cheap skate, so I took a National Express coach to Stansted Airport from Waterloo – an hour and a half on the coach for £5!! That’s a mega deal!! Hint: The coaches are quite regular, and they have a tight schedule to keep to, so make sure you either have cash on you in case the driver’s card machine doesn’t work.

I went via the fast-track route, not sure why I paid for this but it was better than waiting in the queue… I had a couple of hours to kill, so I looked around and also had a late lunch. The waffle fries here were good, but the chicken burger needs improvement… Not sure if this “secret sauce” of mayo and thousand islands suited the burger well enough. Disappointed.DSC_3281.JPG

Once in the air, it felt like I was back home in the skies… I sat next to a family and their youngest daughter screamed too much. I tried not to get so angry, so I giggled to myself at all the bad experiences I’ve had. I started reading “The Vegetarian” by Han Kang (I haven’t finished it yet) and listened to a lot of music.DSC_3283DSC_3290DSC_3293

Once I arrived in Rabat Airport, passport control was right in front. You have to fill in one of those landing cards beforehand… The queue was long, and the wait was more than an hour! People behind me were so inconsiderate that they kept bumping into my backpack. I hate people who bump into me for no reason. I am obviously in front of you, stop pushing me!!

The officers worked diligently, as they have to check your purpose for entering the country. It’s a Muslim country, so they suspect everyone who enters. I get it… but hire more staff. It was my first time in Morocco, and I kind of felt disappointed already… 😫Mrs Travels text me for a bit, and she couldn’t even understand why I wasn’t in the taxi yet.

An old taxi driver was waiting for me, and I had to explain in easy English that the queue was sooooo long. I felt sorry for him, but at least he tried to guide me in broken English and some easy French some of the sites in Rabat. The hotel said it was 200Dh for the taxi, but the driver asked for 250Dh because of the wait… a bit sneaky, but at least he waited. Really grateful.DSC_3296

Once at the hotel, I went to my room (and I couldn’t find the air con remote), rested a bit beforehand… and tried to figure out how to use this free sim card from Maroc Telecom which you can get at the airport. The staff take a copy of your passport picture before you use it. Unfortunately I realised the phones that I brought along were both locked to EE, so I couldn’t use the sim card. Make sure you always bring an unlocked phone.DSC_3301

After the ordeal at the hotel, I really needed food. They serve Spanish food at the hotel, and they recommended the fish… I don’t like bony fish that much, but I had it in the end. This cost me 200Dh (~£18). The bread was a bit too much. The veggies was nice. The fish was ok, just too bony.DSC_3302DSC_3303DSC_3304DSC_3305

It was time to get some rest, and plan what to do the next day.

End of Day 1.


Manga Exhibition @ The British Museum

On June 2nd 2019, I decided to go and view the Manga Exhibition at The British Museum.

I was having a Japan moment. Missed the country and the food! The exhibition ends today, and I didn’t want to spoil it too much for those who wanted to go and have a look.

Here’s some pictures from the exhibition…










Manga version of snakes and ladders – I think Japanese people love this gameDSC_3058

I really loved the basic introduction to manga and features for fans. I really liked the reading section which was in the middle of the exhibition. I really want there to be a real manga library somewhere (so that I don’t have to keep buying the books) – I know lots of public libraries lend out manga, but it’s not enough (for me)!

Hopefully we’ll see an English Manga library available to let us borrow books… maybe an Online-Delivery service… It might be expensive but considering costs of manga these days… Hmmmm… 🤓