Morocco – Day 4 & 5: Beach, Henna Party and Wedding Night

Back to working full time now! I’ll be travelling from place to place… 🀣

Tuesday 30th July

Another super hot day in Morocco. The people there just seem to be used it, but not me. I dislike hot weather, but I like getting tanned. LOL.

We ended up in a taxi which could fit us all in, and went to a far-away beach somewhere near Kenitra. I have no idea where we were. The Travels family played in the sea whilst I sat around and had a catch up with Mrs Travels.


When it was time to go, we had a bit of food before leaving. I believe we were on a budget, so we had a plate to share of this fried fishy stuff, panini and some chips…


It was a bit of a short day as Mr Travels parents and elder cousin came and were staying with us during the trip.

The henna party for the wedding couple was on this same day in the evening. I don’t know if Moroccans have hen nights, but this seemed like one. Moroccan women seemed to be relaxed when there’s no men around. They take off their head scarves, and it feels like those African night parties. When the groom came to take pictures, I was so surprised to see the women put on their head scarves quite quickly. Wow. Super maneuver!Β DSC_3427

Missy S had a similar pattern to what I had… I think the lady was too busy and had to quickly clear up to get ready for the bride’s henna to be painted on her hands and feet.DSC_3429

Henna has a long drying process. It takes around 2 hours to dry… After waiting a fairly long time, with some dancing in between… it was time for the very late meal. I think I would never be able to slim down if I were a Moroccan. LOL! First up was some sweetened vermicelli/rice noodles. The second dish was some stewed lamb. I really loved it… Oooh. I was craving for meat (but not anymore). And then there was watermelon…DSC_3435DSC_3436DSC_3438

It was a long night, and we ended getting a cab back to the apartment… Had some mint tea, and then back to sleep again. Missy A got upset with during the day, as I was going to sleep in the room she had the night before… My bags got dragged around a bit. Hahahahah. One day, she’ll get her own room…

End of Day 4.

Wednesday 31st July

It was going to be a long day, and I got up late compared to the others. I like my sleep. 10 hours if I’m allowed, and 6-7 hours at the least. I must have sleep!

The girls showed me a stork’s nest, and wow I saw a stork standing on its nest. We went to the family who was getting married, and had lunch there.DSC_3439

We even went to a local market to try and find some dresses for the girls to wear at the wedding… Mr Travels said I should be taking pictures of the food. 🀣DSC_3440

As soon as we finished with the late, late shopping, we all went back to our place of stay, had a quick change and shower… then out to the wedding ceremony!!

It was a very, very long night… several dress changes, lots of dancing, and lots of music.


I really loved the food, but it all started coming out from 3am in the morning!!!! Wow!! Late night dinners are not for me, but the food was great.DSC_3498DSC_3499DSC_3500DSC_3502DSC_3503

The Travels family and I were all tired, and we ended up going back around 5.30am… Sleeeeeeeep neeeeeded!!!

End of Day 5.

Morocco – Day 3: Back to Rabat!!

Right… The job search is now over… Going back to the public for a little while, before I decide on my future. Hopefully Brexit worries will be over next year. 😐 Will be travelling around London a bit, so thankfully I won’t be in just one place at all times.

Monday 29th July 2019

Back to Morocco. After a kind of big but quick breakfast, Mr Travels had to return his loaned car back to the Rabat shop, so we left our luggage at the hotel. The Travels family went to Rabat by car, and I went there by train…


I think I got to Rabat before the Travels family, so I was waiting around at the station… Then Mrs Travels sent me their location and started walking.

We started walking around parts of Rabat that I never got to see…



It was a long walk through the market in the Medina and out and around! 😣 Make sure to wear walking shoes!!

We ended up at the tomb of the late king…DSC_3397




We found lunch at a cafe/restaurant. The Travels had recommended Tajine, a local Moroccan dish. This had meatballs (can’t remember if it was beef) with egg but it was delicious with the bread. It reminded me of the burger dish I had in Japan that I found too salty. The Moroccan version tasted better. πŸ˜…



After lunch, it was time to go and play. The girls played on some toy cars… It was too hot for me, and I think I became too sensitive. A poor man started asking for money, and I lost to my emotions after he started swearing at me and believing that I was insensitive. Ugh. Grrrrr. Mrs Travels called me stubborn (yep I am) and I ended up being teary. Eek. Emotional Geek came out!

After an emotional afternoon, we went back to Kenitra by train… And walked back to our next destination. It was another long walk back to the next place we were staying in. An Airbnb place.

Then time for dinner… A shared one…


Mr and Mrs Travels wanted to talk all night, but I was so tired… I ended up sleeping on the sofa that night with sunburnt shoulders. Miss A wanted to sleep alone in the room I was going to stay in. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

End of Day 3.