Morocco – Day 3: Back to Rabat!!

Right… The job search is now over… Going back to the public for a little while, before I decide on my future. Hopefully Brexit worries will be over next year. 😐 Will be travelling around London a bit, so thankfully I won’t be in just one place at all times.

Monday 29th July 2019

Back to Morocco. After a kind of big but quick breakfast, Mr Travels had to return his loaned car back to the Rabat shop, so we left our luggage at the hotel. The Travels family went to Rabat by car, and I went there by train…


I think I got to Rabat before the Travels family, so I was waiting around at the station… Then Mrs Travels sent me their location and started walking.

We started walking around parts of Rabat that I never got to see…



It was a long walk through the market in the Medina and out and around! 😣 Make sure to wear walking shoes!!

We ended up at the tomb of the late king…DSC_3397




We found lunch at a cafe/restaurant. The Travels had recommended Tajine, a local Moroccan dish. This had meatballs (can’t remember if it was beef) with egg but it was delicious with the bread. It reminded me of the burger dish I had in Japan that I found too salty. The Moroccan version tasted better. 😅



After lunch, it was time to go and play. The girls played on some toy cars… It was too hot for me, and I think I became too sensitive. A poor man started asking for money, and I lost to my emotions after he started swearing at me and believing that I was insensitive. Ugh. Grrrrr. Mrs Travels called me stubborn (yep I am) and I ended up being teary. Eek. Emotional Geek came out!

After an emotional afternoon, we went back to Kenitra by train… And walked back to our next destination. It was another long walk back to the next place we were staying in. An Airbnb place.

Then time for dinner… A shared one…


Mr and Mrs Travels wanted to talk all night, but I was so tired… I ended up sleeping on the sofa that night with sunburnt shoulders. Miss A wanted to sleep alone in the room I was going to stay in. 😅😅😅

End of Day 3.

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