Morocco – Day 8: Around Fez

Saturday 3rd August 2019

I suddenly woke up on Saturday morning, I think my brain was telling me to look at the sunrise…

Breakfast at the hotel was a bit disappointing…

It was then time to explore the town of Fez…

I took a taxi to the medina, the taxi driver was really, really nice. Moroccans really drive a little crazy.

I arrived at the medina, and just went in and went down one way, I stopped at a shop and then one of the shopkeepers led me around the back alleys to look at the dye… Hmmm I forgot to listen to Mr Travels words to not be led by shopkeepers to places around the medina. What they want is money in the end. Well, luckily I had not much money, and I had to keep telling the person I was leaving the next day, so I have no money to buy things. 

I think I got too scared, so I ended up walking up, then out, then back into the medina again. Bought a few souvenirs, and then back out again…

Took another taxi back, but ended up in the wrong part of town, so I just used Google Maps to find the hotel area again.

I sat in a restaurant that wasn’t opened yet, but the workers were fine with it, they even let me use the wifi! ^_^

I couldn’t bear the heat any longer, so I went back to the hotel and sat and watched TV… It was time for dinner, so I went around and went to a street at the back of the hotel area. There was just a long street of restaurants. Wow.

In the end I chose a quiet place. The green lentil soup was amazing! I really want to make it one day. The Moroccans really love their bread too…

After dinner, I went walking around the area before returning back to the hotel…

I don’t think I did much but all I needed was rest.  Don’t think I would go back to Fez anytime soon.

End of Day 8.

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